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By Okafor Steph Ike


The saying that what a man can do, a woman can do even better appears to have played out more in the life of Dr. Sandra C. Duru Eluobi, a per excellence personality. The fact that Dr. Sandra was able to excel as a young woman in a thickly male dominated and chauvinistic world like Nigeria lends credence to my conjecture of her as a super woman.

At a very early age of twenty three, this glowing amazon had already started making marks in the sands of time. It will suffice it to say here that Dr. Sandra C. Duru Eluobi is a good hearted philanthropist, successful entrepreneur and a frontline human right activist who cannot be neglected in Imo state politics.

This genius personified lady proved her mettle during the 2011 general election when she headed the security committee of the Rescue mission campaign organization of the incumbent Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state.

I decided to write this piece not to eulogize Dr. Sandra Duru because one cannot raise what is up already but rather to condemn the carefully coordinated campaign of calumny and malicious mudslinging on her by the hirelings and agents of the frustrated Imo state deputy governor, Eze Madumere whose occultic sodomic escapades were bursted by the Plucky Sandra in 2012. Since 2012, Sandra has unequivocally accused Madumere of homosexualism, a very sordid sin in the sight of God and man, which the laws of Nigeria is also against.

What baffles most like me in this matter is the grave silence that Madumere has maintained over this allegation which is why I doubtlessly believe it is true.

Just like so many others, I refused to buy into the cheap coordinated mudslinging on Sandra to approach her to hear from the horse’s mouth as they say, and behold I wish to state that I met a very electrifying and intellectually loaded woman who keeps record of every single tab.

During our discussion I had no option than to believe her from the piles of convincing evidence she presented against Madumere to prove her case as against the deputy governor who avoided my calls and messages to him in trying to hear his side of the story.

Having made several futile attempts to bribe, blackmail and kill Sandra, Madumere now resorted to use one American based fraudster, Edith Chiedu Modebe whom he contracted to blackmail and harass Dr. Sandra in the United States.

However, Edith who is in the business of defrauding Nigerians who seek to study in the United States of America, reside in the United States of America, have their babies in the United States of America, or seek for medical treatment in America by procuring fake documents for them and then turn around to report them to the authorities for deportation met her waterloo in the hands of the indefatigable Dr. Sandra Duru.

The later not only exposed all the pseudo social media accounts she used in blackmailing and harassing her but also dragged her to a Massachusetts court where she is facing criminal charges on this matter alongside other fraud related cases.

This development has left a big shock on Madumere who never believed Sandra could cage the fraudster Edith Chiedu Modebe who not only sent many Nigerians packing from the United States but defrauded big shots like Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote.

Her husband Eugene Chiedu Modebe who is a member of her fraud cartel comes to America two to three times in a year to take the money that Edith has gathered from selling government welfares, benefits to uninformed people who are ignorant of the American system and Edith’s illegal businesses.

He uses the proceeds of the crime to buy automobiles and pack as much can foods as he can gather in addition to all the stuff Edith already stored in their basement ranging from food pantries, stamps to other government of Massachusetts items which he then ships to Nigeria and sell to make profit as a fraudulent means of survival.

A new chapter I learnt is about to open in the Sandra-Madumere war. I have reliably gathered information on plans by an American based right group to approach the courts in the United States over Eze Madumere and his daughter’s threat to kill Sandra.

Knowing how dogged and meticulous this groups can be in fighting injustice, the bisexual Madumere and his first daughter who is rumoured to be in an incestuous relationship with him might be in for big trouble in the United states where he has no immunity.

This group appears set now in wait for Madumere on when he enters the United States again to be served his cup of tea. The consequent implication of the Imo deputy governor’s arrest in the US will certainly cause an upheaval in the state as we march down to 2019, thus confirming the inegligibility of Dr. Sandra Duru in Imo politics.

Madumere who is widely believed to be unintelligent and obtuse has fallen short of handling his exposure by Sandra Duru. His resort to contract a fraudster on top of the damage his S.A Media Uche Onwuchekwa already did to him in this case shows he lacks capacity and the needed acumen for a public office holder of his status.

I see a very gloomy cloud hovering over Eze Madumere, his daughter and Edith Modebe, so thick that not even the millions he is using to compromise the mainstream media to prevent them from carrying his stinking stories and to support his fake news blogs and websites can avert.

If they like let them use a million channels to blackmail Dr. Sandra Duru, but the truth remains that the society and Imo people know the reputable and principled stuff the Iron lady Sandra Duru is made of and cannot be deceived by their cheap lies and ploys.

The views expressed in this write up are entirely that of the writer and does not represent the position of ivotesng

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