Should Election Campaign Promises Be Legally Binding?

Should Election Campaign Promises Be Legally Binding?


Following failure of politically elected public officers to keep promises made during campaigns, it has now sparked public debate on whether such campaign promises should be legally binding.

There were mixed reactions from Nigerians who spoke to Ivotesng. Some were of the opinion that it should be legally binding while others say it would be impossible to get politicians sign a document that will implicate them.

A public commentator said, “though the promises are the fun of campaigns but I advice they shouldn’t over exaggerate it, one should have a clear understanding and the foresight of the things the country can afford and what they can be able to achieve if eventually they assume the office before making promises. There’s nothing that saddens the citizens as unfulfilled promises. It shouldn’t be banned but politicians should learn to throw their nets where they can be able to draw it out.

Another Nigerian, Okechukwu Eze saud, ” Yes I agree. Politicians campaign speech should be legally binding so that citizens can hold them accountable. Nigeria Buhari promised one naira to a dollar rate, but today is five hundred naira to a dollar on the parrarell market. Buhari promised better economy but now Nigeria is in recession.”

What’s your opinion?

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